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Golden Luck by cherriluu
Golden Luck
taking a break from inktober drawings by doing something digital. Ahh I've missed digital already!!! Haha I'm addicted--although inktober is surprisingly fun and relaxing! I already sketched today's inktober but too tired to ink right now o)---< 

ah yes, I upload inktober things on instagram (@ellyneee) 

hmm this took about 3 hours and it was completely random--all I knew was that I wanted to draw long hair and a dark background! I really like this color scheme now *o*

Instagram + funny story about Insta

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 4, 2014, 7:21 PM
hey guys--! 

I made an instagram yesterday, mostly just for Inktober drawings, but maybe I'll stick digital on it someday. 

Anyway, my name is  @ellyneee  !! Coincidentally ellyneee/ellynee and cherriluu are the two names I use on social medias u v u

Okay, on to the story. Apparently around early 2014 or late 2013 (I can't remember haha) someone pretended to be me on Instagram. I had quite a few people ask me if I had an instagram and when I said no they alerted me about this person. 

But at that time I was busy with life and I was too lazy to worry about it. Also I didn't have an instagram and I didn't want to make one just to track this person down. It was odder than just art theft since they were pretty much ...impersonating me. Eventually they deleted the instagram and all was well. 

I wasn't even angry (I've never been angry at art theft when it comes to me...I guess I just don't want to fight with people thought if it happens in the future I should be more assertive about it...!), I was just a bit flattered and creeped out someone was trying to be me. 

Have any of you guys actually interacted with them? Someone once dropped a comment on dA for me and I had to shamefully ask them who they were since I literally didn't recognize their username. And then they started talking about talking with me on Instagram. So that's why I didn't know them, since I'd never actually met them;;;; Ahh that was the only instance where the fake instagram actually affected me haha. 

Anyway, I hope you guys have a good year at school (I'm on American time so we just started school a month ago u v u ), a work or uni or wherever! Follow on Instagram if you'd like ! ^Q^ 
Take care alll <33333

Skin by SimplySilent
Fairy Lights by cherriluu
Fairy Lights
ahhh ok so i've decided to practice backgrounds! got really inspired from some amazing tumblr artists : ) 

Welp. Clearly I've never painted a tree before but we all gotta start somewhere right?

Ah Noire and Mikhail have been in my mind a LOT these past few days so, what better than to throw them in it? And also Beauty and the Beast AU because that is seriously most gorgeous thing ever *0* I've become rly obsessed with these two...and Miles and CLOTAIRE. CLOTAIREEE AHhhhhh....ok sorry. but yes, I am really happy that i stepped out of my comfort zone and tried different lighting, BACKGROUND FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, and also skin/hair tone colors. hopefully i'll do more of these more interesting draws! 

"tonight, let's live in the impossible" 

Mikhail (c) Deullien
Noire (c) me
[ Bunker9 - Seth Winters ] by cherriluu
[ Bunker9 - Seth Winters ]
 :iconbunker9: :iconbunker9: :iconbunker9: 
omgg lovely pjo group <333 but no time,really rushing the deadline right now haha excuse the sad info LMOGADFSF :') WILL EDIT LATER

[e d i t 9.21.14] - cleaned up bio C:


Ω Name: Seth Winters

Ω Age: 14

Ω Gender: male male male

Ω Height/Weight: 5’5’’ / 125 lbs

Ω Birthday: November 27

ψ Godly Parent: Hermes

ψ Number of Years at Camp: 3

ψ Year Rounder/Summer Camp: Goes home to California for the winter months, but otherwise year round. Seth would like to stay at camp all year round, but his mother insists on having him around for at least part of the year, so they compromised on winter, because Seth likes the warmth of Californian winters anyway. He’s slightly embarrassed about this because no other camper (to his knowledge) does something like this, but she is his mother, and he doesn’t want to fight her on something that is actually reasonable (for a change)--the desire to see one’s son.  

ψ Weapon: Celestial Bronze machete - hirquluus - “Hercules”  

ψ Subtle Ability: -- tba 

ψ Fatal Flaw: -- tba

Ω Likes/Dislikes:

    ▲ older brother type figures

    ▲ warm weather

    ▲ physical training

    ▲ big, goofy dogs

    ▲ grape wine

    ▼ having his looks be described as “angelic”

    ▼ girls older than him

    ▼ girls younger than him (totally don’t know how to deal with them)

    ▼ females in general

    ▼ people who nap a lot....

Ω Personality: insolent | argumentative | jumpy | impulsive | stubborn | diligent | loyal

Seth is just an all-around little brat to most women, including his mother and most older female campers. He is only smart around goddesses, being the good-mannered boy that he knows how to be. He’s jumpy at being physically touched (NO hugs) and he hates people patting his hair or calling him “cute” or commenting on what a “sweet” boy he looks like. He will impulsively smack their hands away or spill something on them.

On the other hand, he is exceptionally curious to learn about the gods and goddesses and loves to train until he is half dead with exhaustion. If he sets his mind to a task, Seth is diligent and won’t rest until the job is done. Often he sets too-high, suicidal training goals for himself, as if he forgets that he’s only 14 and has ample time to improve. He’s really selective about those he befriends, especially female friends...but once you’re in his heart, he’s fiercely loyal and protective of you (stubborn to the death, this boy).

Ω History: Seth’s mother, Selene, was a beautiful, airheaded, caring, and stubborn young woman of 20 when she met Hermes (disguised as a human of course). She was young and in love, so she followed her heart. When her pregnancy was announced, her elderly father was very unhappy, but she stubbornly kept the baby. Her father passed away shortly after the boy was born, leaving her with lots of money but no guidance. Selene really, really did try her absolute hardest to be a good mother, but while she was caring and loving, she wasn't responsible or had a lot of common sense. Seth grew up without any material wants for they lived comfortably off his grandfather's money, but he often suffered from loneliness because Selene would be living her own life and could forget to check in with her son for weeks on end. Seth had to figure out a lot of things for himself, and the fact that he struggled greatly in school only made things harder. It was hard to make friends because they either despised him for his money ("all that wealth is wasted on that stupid kid") or they only got close to him only for his money. 

Due to his mother's lack of responsibility, Seth developed a pretty negative view of women, finding them focused on extremely trivial things like his mother or they were way too strict and punishing like the headmistress that ran his school. He just didn't really have a good female role model in his life and deep down he wants one so badly, but he pretends he doesn't need any woman in his life at all. The nannies who raised him changed all the time so he wasn't able to form any close connections with them.

Then, on his 11th birthday, an elderly man arrived to be their gardener. Selene was in that phase where she wanted a real live gardener and butler and all that jazz. The gardener was called Mr. Williams and right away he noticed Seth's loneliness. He took the boy under his wing and introduced him to Greek myths, good wine, and most of all, introduced him to the idea of an adult he could rely on. But reading the Greek myths became weird after a while because some of the tales were hitting too close to home...and when Seth finally went to Mr. Williams about it (bashfully and reluctantly because he didn't want to seem crazy), Mr. Williams was overjoyed and promptly explained just who Seth's father was. He offered to take Seth to a place across the country where there were more kids like him and Selene, who had realized at this stage that she'd been a terrible parent, was super eager to please Seth and allowed him to go without a second thought. Seth grew to love Camp Half-Blood, and his loneliness dissipated for good. 

Ω Family:

§ Selene Winters [mother - 34 ] - professional diva, total knockout/bombshell, complete California gal. Seth and his mother have an interesting relationship; he thinks she’s airheaded and useless and she’s the reason he does         not like interacting with females. He acts all grumpy around her, but at the same time, he feels like he must protect her and goes to ridiculous lengths to make sure she doesn’t know about his problems. She’s a kind and loving person, except she’s probably more suited to be a big sister than a mother. Especially since she had Seth at such a young age.

§ Mr. Williams [non-blood related - 67]
- Seth's mentor, grandfather figure, gardener (he still works as a gardener although he doesn't have to anymore--Selene would provide for him for free, but he likes doing his job) and overall Seth's favorite adult in the world.
"Mr. Williams" is actually a satyr named Vlassis but took on the name Mr. Able Williams to appear more respectable and ordinary. He's always been more of a blending into the background satyr, and as he grew older, his desires to recruit demigods decreased even further. It took him a while to make up his mind to be Seth's gardener, but he is most happy with that decision now. The Mist hides his mythological form from human eyes (like Selene) but Seth learned his true identity once he arrived at Camp Half-blood.

ψ Relationships:

    § laters! 

ψ Beads Earned: ---

Ω Misc: ---

Ω RP Methods: Skype is fastest (like wayyy faster) and I can also do notes! Sometimes I drop random comment rps for fun but...they’re not a reliable way to rp


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