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August 25, 2012
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CaR: Lidiya Romanov by cherriluu CaR: Lidiya Romanov by cherriluu


afj;lsdf I'm sorry for such a plain app, m-maybe I'll add a chibi or something later. ;;;

Oh and I suddenly feel like joining a billion rp groups //lurks around waiting for openings

Anyways, behold my awkward charra :iconpapcryplz:

WARNING: Walls of text
please don't read it all. i have bad grammer


Name: Lidiya Romanov
(Romanov is not her real surname – she took a new name)

Alias: Vice


Age: 20 (usually claims she’s 25 since she feels people don’t take her seriously if she’s younger)

Bloodtype: O

Nationality: Russian


Her sunglasses are optional. She usually doesn't wear them. |D

Height: 5’5’’ (165 cm)

Weight: 120 lbs (54.4 kg)

Hair colour: Cadmium purple (purplish red color) [link]

Eye colour: spring green



- Likes – loves – adores guns: She greets people with a gun to their forehead or chest and a wide smile. Although it’s only a BB gun, unsuspecting people tend to freak out or be shocked. She always does this, even to superiors. After all, a first impression is very important.
On the other hand, a gun has become a crutch for her because she sucks at just about every other form of fighting.

- Lazy and unmotivated: Doesn’t really have any goals, like going on a huge heist or something. She takes life as it comes, and would rather go take another nap than plan something to outwit the cops or whatever. Bo-ring. Therefore, she’s not easily pressured and doesn’t care about other’s expectations of her. (not that anyone has any)

- Good teacher: Most people don’t know this because she usually scares everyone away so no one will want help from her anyways, but she’s actually very good at explaining and putting things into a context that anyone can understand. She is oddly patient, but it’s more like she doesn’t care if the other person succeeds or fails.

- Blunt: She doesn’t like many people and won’t hesitate to let you know it. In fact, it amuses her to see your reaction when she flat out says “I hope your head gets blown off sometime in the very near future”.

+ small guns
+ her little brother
+ stalking her little brother (without him knowing)
+ killing beating up those who hurt her brother
+ shocking/scaring people – especially by saying “want to visit my grave?”
+ sleeping
+ being lazy
+ procrastinating
+ summer because it’s easier to sleep when it’s warm

- attention
- people daring to be mean to her brother
- Ms. Tyannikov, her brother’s adoptive mother. She calls her Tyrant
- optimistic people, naïve people (although the latter if fun to tease and scare)
- being woken from a nap / sleeping

+ making quick and difficult decisions on the spot
+ improvising to accomplish a goal, even if it means straying from orders
+ efficient at stealth – like climbing down fireplaces and all that jazz
+ observant. Can memorize small details at first glance (this specifically relates to her speciality)
+ very good at history (her surname is taken from the murdered Romanov royal family of Russia)

- reckless and sometimes overconfident
- apathetic and without clear loyalties – her loyalty is to her brother’s life only
- lazy and uncooperative if the mission is not “exciting” enough for her
- not good at hand-to-hand combat
- bad at not scaring people away from her

Lidiya had lived with her younger brother by 4 years and their adoptive mother Ms. Tyannikov ever since she was 11 and he was 6. She kept a low profile in school, keeping her grades average and generally being an introvert albeit with a sharp tongue.
Her brother, however, was a different story. By age 11, he was declared a borderline genius with technology, and began to be targeted by jealous classmates as well as rich adults who wanted to sponsor him for their own schemes.

Lidiya knew from past experience that attention did not come without consequences and her worst fears were made reality when the siblings were attacked one day. Her brother’s sponsor, a wealthy middle-aged man was killed instantly and the siblings attained enough injuries that they were immediately rushed to the hospital.
While she was staring at the white hospital ceiling after gaining consciousness, she realized that she was the only one who could keep her brother alive and happy.

She was frustrated and hateful towards the cops who never managed to “get there on time” and decided that being a robber was more likely to guarantee her brother’s safety. Remembering an incident back at the orphanage where three adults died during an attack because of the police’s incompetence only strengthened her resolve.
And so, despite never being able to speak to her brother again she, with the help of Ms. Tyannikov, who wanted her gone, forged her own death. As far as all records were concerned, Lidiya Tyannikov passed away at age 16 due to extensive internal injuries and third degree burns.

After recovering, she took a new name – Romanov – and searched for a place to learn how to fight…and steal. Turns out, she was had quite the accurate aim. Four years later, a man had asked her to steal a painting from his boss’s house because it had been taken by force from his great-grandmother. She agreed (he had pictures and a list of facts to prove it) and snuck into the house at midnight. It was a hard job; there were many security measures that she’d never even seen before and she’d very nearly been caught two times. However, in the end, the job had gone without a hitch and in the morning she’d knocked on her client’s door triumphantly, painting in a paper bag.

Shocked didn’t even cover it when the man whose house she’d just robbed a few hours ago opened the door with a smile. After they’d managed to get her to calm down, her client and her target revealed themselves to be part of the Family. The job had been a test, a test which she’d passed very well. They had heard of her from some “friends”, and had wanted to see her skills for themselves. They were very pleased with what they learned.

She accepted the invitation to be part of them in a heartbeat.

( orz;; IDK if this is like too dramatic or cliché or something. B-but this is the third rewrite and I’m done with it;; :iconmingplz: )


Rank: F

Weapon: small BB gun with plastic red balls for ammo

Specialty: Sleeping Seeing through disguises. She can recognize the smallest things, like the shape of someone’s earlobe or the specific pattern of lines in someone’s palm. These things are hard to disguise and most people don’t even think about disguising them anyways. However, this doesn’t make her good at disguising herself. She’s only mediocre in that.

+ the only person who can actually fool her would probably be Acetate Lox (the cop leader)/someone of her level of disguise. basically, although she's lazy and uncooperative, her specialty makes her indispensable.

Android: N/A

- Every year on her birthday and Christmas, her younger brother leaves a letter and a bouquet of flowers, (different flowers every year) on her grave. The letters are kept in a secret place that only she knows about.
- has a habit of adding on a few years to her age. When she was 16, she claimed to be 2 0 and now at 20, she claims to be 25.
- is possibly a compulsive liar.
- her brother’s name is Leonid Tyannikov (he took his adoptive mother’s name)
- to protect her brother as well as keep up her charade, she lies about his existence. She always says her entire family is dead.
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