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December 28, 2013
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[ Illegibilus - Pierre Rosier ] by cherriluu [ Illegibilus - Pierre Rosier ] by cherriluu
Edit 1.24.14 ........completely new drawing LOL ;;; I couldn't stand my old art so-- I quickly whipped this up u v u .... i'll probably revamp him again someday-- o)---<
also fixed some stuff in the bio! n...not that you have to read it again--//mings  .... also I'M SORRY IF STUFF IS WEIRD;; i'm really tired AHA my humor gets stupid ;;; 

Edit 12.10.13 Added relationships! ; 7 ; ///

sO EXCITED FOR THIS GROUP AHHH I love HP to pieces pffttt;; anyways, yes my first guy OC ahaha;; Freckles because I've somehow gotten really addicted to freckles?? they're adorable tho ahhhhh //// 

Shoot me a note or something if anyone want to RP! ^ p ^ /// I'm rly excited for this guy and group eeeeee ;; 

ɤ   › NAME: Pierre Rosier

ɤ   › AGE: 16

ɤ   › GENDER: Male

ɤ   › HEIGHT: 180cm / 5' 11’’

ɤ   › WEIGHT: 70 kg / 154 lbs

ɤ   › BIRTHDAY: February 14th

ɤ   › NATIONALITY: French-Irish

ɤ   › HOUSE: Slytherin (the house of the c u n n i n g)

ɤ   › YEAR: 6th


façade jokester | "charming" pfftt yeah no | unpredictable | stalker | can be scary ;;

reality likes to help out | good teacher | aggressively protective | gentle  

Pierre’s built up a convincible front over the years, but his other side tends to slip out, especially if he’s close to you.  He doesn’t have a split-personality/two personalities, he puts on a façade so he won’t get hurt. If people don’t take him seriously, then he doesn’t have to take their opinions seriously either. 

He would rather be left alone than part of the Slytherin power play – doesn’t mind being an outcast. However, he is lonely, which is partly why he stalks Mei-Lin so much – he doesn’t know what else to do. He carefully monitors his behavior – he can be an annoying asshole when he wants, and intelligent, calm and dangerous if the situation calls for it. He smiles a lot, but looks lecherous doing it…

He’s a bit of a “sleeping giant” (or serpent if you want to be stereotypical and play the Slytherin snake-love card) – he’s a guy you don’t want to underestimate, no matter how stupid he’s acting, since on the inside, he’s carefully analyzing the situation.

On the inside though, Pierre doesn’t hesitate to help those in need, and he’s oddly gentle with those younger than him. He likes using his Slytherin status to teasingly scare people or creep them out, but he hasn’t crossed the line into cruelty yet. He detests bullying, but only really steps in if it’s directed at 1st or 2nd years or within the Slytherin house.

ɤ   › HISTORY:

Océane Rosier was a pureblood witch fascinated with muggle culture and became a Muggle Ambassador. She met and married Finn Donne, a carefree Irish muggle when she was 21 and had Pierre a year later. Finn was delighted that his wife was a witch and Pierre grew up hearing stories of magic. The young parents loved their son very much and they were very happy family.

However, Pierre’s life away from home wasn’t quite so hot. His classmates thought he was strange and crazy for talking about flying and magic and shunned him. But Pierre, being the stubborn and optimistic boy he was, kept trying to make friends with them. But thankfully he had his bffl Amy to keep him company and punch the bullies for him !! They were very close, and she was the bolder of the two, dragging him on adventures and standing up for him.

Then, on his 11th birthday, his Hogwarts letter came and everything changed – for the better! But....unfortunately, Amy had moved away and he was left without friends (haha pffft). After a life of rejection, Pierre had lost his casual optimism and was more careful around people. He vowed never to be hurt again. Although somewhat surprised to be sorted into Slytherin, he embraced it, and spent a lot of his time keeping to the shadows and basically being forgotten.

Then, during his second year, his father, a very patriotic, impulsive man, decided to enroll in the army (he was 33 that year) and was assigned to a foreign country for a short while. It was supposed to be a very “safe” job, but suddenly a very bloody revolution broke out, and Finn was caught in the middle of it. He took a bullet to the chest, which missed his heart by inches. One of his mates rushed him to the nearest hospital where he fell into a deep coma, barely saving his life.

(The revolution was harshly suppressed by the officials a few days later and its leaders executed. It was basically a huge failure.)

When Océane learned of the news, she was devastated and nearly went crazy. By using a huge amount of money, she was able to get her comatose husband back to Britain and into a nearby hospital. The doctors said there wasn’t a high chance of him waking up again. The oblivious Pierre only knew about his father’s state when his mother rushed him to a wizarding hospital in desperation. Océane had forgotten to tell him the news.

Nothing worked. The magical healers weren’t equipped to deal with muggle weaponry, and the wound had been too close to the heart. Finn wasn’t dead, but he couldn’t even breathe on his own without life support. Pierre’s life suddenly changed again…for the worse. His mother couldn’t even take care of herself, much less her grieving child. Very tearfully, she transferred Pierre’s legal guardian status to his magical grandparents (her parents), who he’d only seen maybe 5 times his entire life. Starting the summer of 2nd year, he started living with Colette and Stéphan.

This obviously had a huge impact on Pierre’s personality and ideals. Luckily, his grandparents were good people and he grew up just as loved as he was before (just in a different way). He started being raised as a pureblood child, taking etiquette lessons (dancing, manners, etc.) and being taught more rigorous magic by his grandfather. Pierre essentially abandoned the muggle world, and hasn’t seen his mom in a while. She sends cards on his birthday and Christmas, though.

To this day, Pierre’s worst fear is disappointing his grandparents. He acts very affectionate and sincere around them, none of his jokester façade crap.     

ɤ   › FAMILY:

mother - Océane Rosier – Finn was always her greatest love, and she’s still not able to get over him. Her mental state is very fragile, knowing there’s little chance Finn wake up, but unable to “pull the plug” and kill him. She feels guilty and awkward around Pierre even though he assures her he doesn’t blame her at all.

father -  Finn Donne-Rosier (in a coma) – Finn was the hero for both Océane and Pierre and the light of their household. But in the end, he was too carefree, too reckless, and that had horrible repercussions for everyone.

grandmother - Colette Rosier – A strict, traditional pureblood witch, but also very honest, dignified and kind to her family. She loves Pierre very much, and connects more to him than her own daughter. Pierre and Colette’s relationship is very sweet.

grandfather - Stéphan Rosier – A quiet man of few words who expresses himself best through teaching spells and potions. He’s awkward at small talk and showing affection, but he’s the best teacher Pierre has ever had, and they bond over knowledge.

     Ω yes, his father took on his mother’s last name (like Rory and Amy Pond from Doctor Who)



    sincere people (wow hypocrite much--)

     his grandparents

     stalking / bothering Mei-Lin

    √ Amy (---hurk hurk in a sisterly way guys----no romance pfft it would be like kissing his lil sis -so yeah no;; )


     the innocent 1st years

     casual flying

     full moons

     going on dates  

     parties, balls, dancing shhh


    × essays (he reads the books, understands the info…& writes like 1/2 a page before giving up)

    × fricking History of Magic ‼ (he’s taking Ghoul Studies to find a way to exorcise Prof Binns-- /hit)

    × betrayal

    × love potions

    × the muggle world (no he’s not a muggle hater - he just likes the wizarding world more)



Ω Care of Magical Creatures – it freaks him out how creatures can figure him out much easier than people. He’s his most honest self in this class since he gave up trying to fool creatures long ago.  

Ω Divination – he wonders why he even took this class, but stuck with it since his grandmother is surprisingly into this kind of stuff and he can sleep in this class.


Ω Ghoul Studies - because he loved Halloween as a kid

Ω Art – another one of the “inspired by grandmother” things. He paints birthday gifts for her. 

ɤ   › SPELLS:

lumos (lumos charm) - creates a bright light at the end of the caster's wand

protego (shielding charm) - creates a shield from the caster's wand which deflects jinxes,    hexes, and curse

accio (summoning charm) - summons an inanimate object to the caster. Objects held by someone else are generally impossible to summon in this manner

reducto (reductor curse) - causes a solid object to explode spectacularly

silencio (silencing charm) - silences the victim, preventing any form of vocalization

incarcerous (incarcerous) - binds a victim with magically conjured ropes


ɤ   › WAND INGREDIENTS – “highly suited to Transfiguration and…”  

Ω Core: Dragon Heartstring

Ω Length: 10 ½ inches

Ω Wood: Ebony

Ω Flexibility: Rigid (hard for others to use – it backfires 8/10 times)

ɤ   › RELATIONSHIPS (make relationships with him guys sobs)

Siofra Bardon - He teasingly calls her "Little Miss Hufflepuff" and met her outside the library after dark one day. He walked her back to her common room -- being creepy and scaring her in the process. But a few days later, she stumbled upon him after he'd crashed off his broom (to avoid hitting a nest of bird eggs) and healed him (after a lot of trouble from him). He's not sure where she stands in his book -- he feels a little indebted to her -- and still teases her, but it's a little less menacing and more playful (????). .............................................after a really scary event, he realizes that he really cares about her. Like not in a sister way. ..... he likes her... maybe even l--

.... but will he ever tell her? dun dun dun the suspense---//SLAPPED

Amy Deasmhumhain - Amy, Amy, Amy, what to say about her -- well no doubt he really cares about her since they grew up together and were really good friends. When they re-meet at Hogwarts after her transfer, they both realize the other has changed a lot -- Pierre for one is very different and he feels more protective of her (opposite to how they were as kids when she would stand up for him, etc) -- and teases her a lot, calling her names...which she returns --- think of like forever friendzoned bffs--. If anyone knows his secrets, it would be this girl u v u 

Biony Lin-Teague - imouto onee-chan -- these two are very alike -- like long lost siblings or something ahah-- she keeps him from doing stupid things (the onee-chan part) and sometimes he does cute stuff for her like buy her chocolate or baby her (since he thinks of her like a lil sis) /// he likes playing with her camera -- ;;; 

Mei-Lin Cheng -- ????? The person he stalks?? Maybe friends??? During the end of 4th year, he was running to a class and tripped, falling flat on his face, and she helped him up (even though that would make her late too). Pierre was shocked at her kindness but ruined everything by making a perverted statement and got punched in the face. He developed an interest in her and became her stalker like he memorized her schedule and sits by her during meals and tries to partner with her for everything ;;; 

Keira Flanagan - Keira...oh Keira. He finds her highly amusing, and calls her "spitfire" and "little Ravenclaw". He firmly believes he saved her butt from her potion that she messed up, but proceeded to mock her, scare her and threaten her wand, so it's little surprise she doesn't think too highly of him. He finds her honesty refreshing and funny, saying, "What a duo we make. The liar and the truth-teller."

Alice Barry - He can't find it in himself to be mock the sweet Hufflepuff fourth year. She partnered up with him in Herbology to be his tutor (yes, he is THAT horrible at it) and due to her younger age and cheerful, gentle demeanor, he grew annoyed when their classmates started laughing at her, and used his sharp tongue to shame and silence them. He kind of made her cry though, but not on purpose ;;; Still, he is wary around her - he can't believe that people as sweet as her actually exist.  

Dimitri Leshchyov - housemates, bros, friendssssss of his only male friends ahahAHA-- ......

Zia Pendleton -'s funny how she's so close to people he's close to -- ahahahaha (like Dimi is her bf and Briony is her bff) -- hopefully they can become better friends :icongtthplz: 


Ω He really likes street fighting ;; like the quick and dirty fights with punches and kicks – when he was younger, like summer of 4th year, he was really angry at the world and would sneak out to the muggle world and pick fights (and get totally beat up) but his grand-mere found out (obviously; he had like 2 black eyes) and made him this training room with dummies and stuff so he wouldn’t get himself killed in the muggle world. To this day, he still like street fighting;;

Ω He’s a really messy painter and will get paint everywhere – which is why he only paints when he’s at his grandparents’ mansion or in a locked room at Hogwarts so no one will see him.

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